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Set Skin, je eine Flasche G und eine Flasche Fellreiniger Skin C1
Set Skin
Combined package for XC-Skis with felt application and for climbing skins of ski mountaineers. 1 bottle of ZIPPS G (100ml) + 1 bottle of cleaner ZIPPS SkinC1 (100ml) in a practical blister box. ZIPPS G is a wax and waterproof for textile...
€22.00 *
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Cleaning Kit
1 wooden handle + 2 fleece pads (1 hard and 1 soft) to clean edges, bases and runners. Excellent treatment for the base after fresh grinding. Wooden body with recessed grip and hook-and-loop-tape for pads, size 120x70mm. Pads: Size 130 x...
€14.00 *
C 31 web
C 31 Base Cleaner, 500ml
Unfluorinated base cleaner for ZeroFluor-waxes and TopBase 21. Synthetic bottle, 500ml. High-purity isoparaffins are the solvents for unfluorinated waxes. Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner, even more effective and more gentle....
Content 0.5 Liter (€28.00 * / 1 Liter)
€14.00 *
Supplementary Package Pads, soft
Supplementary Package Pads, soft
Contains: 3 pieces. Use: after hard pads after fresh grinding. Attach to the wooden grip, using the hook-and-loop-tape or use by itself. Size: 130x80mm (each).
€9.00 *
Supplementary Package Pads, hard
Contains: 3 pieces. Use: Cleaning of steel edges and steel runners and for the first gear after fresh grinding Attach to the wooden grip using the hook-and-loop tape or use by itself . Size: 130x80mm (each).
€9.00 *
Climbing skin cleaner 100ml
Climbing skin cleaner 100ml
100 ml in a handy spray bottle For ski mountaineers: cleaner for their climbing skins. It gently removes the dirt from adhesives on climbing skins. Spray onto the adhesive, remove the dirt using a clean cloth or sponge, and allow to dry. .
Content 0.1 Liter (€130.00 * / 1 Liter)
€13.00 *
Flasche C 3F
C 3 Base Cleaner, 500ml
Fluorinated base cleaner for partially or fully fluorinated waxes and TopBase 20. Synthetic bottle, 500ml. Follow-up product of our Citric Cleaner and HF Cleaner for fluorinated waxes, even more effective and more gentle. High-purity...
Content 0.5 Liter (€60.00 * / 1 Liter)
€30.00 *
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