About us

Dear winter sports friends,Frank Zipps

This year, ZIPPS celebrates its 16th anniversary, and thus 16 years of international success. Performance and quality have made our products well known. The focus is on our liquid waxes.

We are a recognised specialist for liquid glide waxes. We were already convinced of the potential of liquid waxes while others were still ignoring them. With expertise and experience, we have developed our fundamentally different and new concept for liquid waxes over a good decade and a half. Our liquid waxes are easy to apply, economical in use and extremely high-performant. The leading national teams use our waxes for skis (cross-country and alpine skiing), luges, sleighs and snowboards. And we never stop improving our products.

Because our goal is and remains ambitious: we want to produce the best waxes and offer the right wax for all requirements. For this, we use ingenious, innovative formulations and our laboratory, which works to a high standard and waxes. They are the only waxes that are able to absorb some important additives and make them effective. Our success is the result of our many years of specialisation in the field of liquid wax technology.

We wish to thank our customers for their trust.

Best regards,



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