Directions of Use


When using ski waxes of any kind there is always the danger of inhaling aerosol or paraffin vapours or micro dust. Please follow these safety instructions carefully:

  • Make sure that your work area is sufficiently ventilated. For professional use we recommend the use of an extraction system.
  • Don`t smoke, while you are waxing your skis! No open fires or flames.
  • We recommend that you wear an extra-fine particle mask P 3 to protect yourself.

The ideal temperature for liquid waxes is between 20°C and 25°C. Please store waxes upright at room temperature, but not near heating! Shake bottle well before use.

Hot Wax

Pass waxing iron* at appr. 135°C, drip on the base of the ski. Iron wax evenly into the base (at appr. 125°C). Remove wax from groove immediately. Wait for about 10 minutes. Then scrape. (Warning: LFW10 and HFW10 being extremely hard waxes, require warm scraping!) Another effective method is scraping when warm and a second time when cold. Brush with stiff nylon brush and polish.
*temperature may differ, depending on the heat storage capacity of the soleplate.

Liquid Waxes

Training and recreational skiing
Apply a thin layer on the clean base of the ski, work in sections. Let dry for at least 5 minutes. Cork with hand cork (with pressure) or cork roller (appr. 900rpm, only little pressure). Polish with felt or (more effective) with natural hair brush and/or finish brush nylon soft. Ready! The next day simply brush again and go on skiing! Wax again as required.

Competitions with ZR waxes
Push in base wax and brush, if required - but always before long distance races and after fresh grinding! Depending on distance and abrasiveness of the snow, apply up to 3 layers of race wax (suitable for the conditions on the day of the race) on the well prepared base, with each layer corked or fleeced seperately. Do not brush in between.

Wait for about 10 minutes and then brush, first with natural hair brush, then with finish brush to open the struc­ture again. Polishing using a steel brush: Run the brush along the ski in one single stroke without pressure in direction of gliding.  Or alternatively using our ZIPPS brush ultrasoft.
Cork or fleece roller: 800 - 900rpm; 
Roto brushes: in direction of gliding appr. 1000 - 1200rpm.


Choose spray of the day. Spray it directly on the base of the ski which has already been prepared with a base wax and possibly also an additional layer of ZR or ZR(HS) race wax. Work in sections, apply spray sparingly and spread it with a non-absorbent cloth. Cork. Repeat procedure. Wait for at least 5 minutes, then start brushing with finish brush. Open the base structure carefully using the fine steel brush (one stroke without pressure in the direction of gliding).


Method A.  Sprinkle powder on an HF-wax (liquid wax or well prepared hot wax).  Iron at temperature suggested on the label of the powder, until wax crystals show a sparkling effect. Brush and polish with finish brush, and pos­sibly use fine steel brush to open the structure again. 1 box of powder is sufficient for  4 pairs of XC-skis or about 3 pairs of carving skis.
Method B.  After you have ironed the powder choose Finishspray of the day and spray it on top. Cork spray and powder together. Then brush thoroughly.

Warning! Do not inhale fluoro fumes or dust. Wear breathing mask!

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