Is ZIPPS successor of Cerax?

No!  We are not related to Cerax in any way. We did not emplay personnel nor did we use the knowledge of former Cerax productions. ZIPPS is something new and and is something original. This is proven by the patents we have achieved for ingredients of our waxes.


Can liquid waxes be as durable as hot waxes?

Yes, they can be even more durable. Using a hot wax means to make it liquid by means of heat to spread it over the base of the ski. We are using solvents for the same purpose. When the solvent evaporates a wax film is left on the base, which is as durable as a film, which is generated by melting the wax.

What is the advantage of liquid waxes compared to hot waxes?

Most obvious is the faster and easier application, and you do nat have that lot of waste as with hot waxes. But there is another very important advantage: They are the only waxes that are able to absorb some important additives and make them effective.


Can a liquid wax soak the "pores" of the base?

First of all: Our research did not confirm, that there were any "pores" whatsoever. There are definitely none. We do not soak the base, we coat it by waxing. And this is possible with hot waxes as well as with liquid waxes.


May fluoro harm the base of the ski?

No. We do not treat the base with fluoro (an aggressive gas), but we use fluorine compounds in our waxes. They do not react chemically in a range of temperature up to 250°C. So they cannot harm the sole of the ski.


Why are some waxes black or grey and others white?

 The reason is the formulation of the waxes for their designated use. Some additives make them dark and others do not.

How do I re-sharpen the ZIPPS scraper?

The best method is to sway it on very fine sand-paper. Easy, fast and effective.


How do I clean a cork roller?

 With very fine sand-paper.

Which speed is best for a cordless screwdriver to clean, cork, brush out and polish?

 - Cork roller: For use on a ski base we recommend ca. 900 rpm.

- Rotobrushes: For use on a ski base we recommend ca. 1000 to 1200 rpm (for further use: the brsuhes allow up to 2000 rpm)

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