Flashpoint +60

Flashpoint higher than 60 °C: may be taken on board of aircrafts

Most of the solvents for waxes are flammable, their flashpoints are less than 60°C. So they are not allowed in aircrafts. ZIPPS have found a solution to the problem: Flashpoint 60+.

For our customers who want to take their liquid waxes on flights to their competitions, we offer a variant in 50 ml bottles that has a flashpoint of more than 60°C and is therefore also suitable for taking in your flight luggage (not hand luggage) in accordance with the strict DGR regulations. The service is available at no extra charge for the following race waxes: ZR 20, ZR 40, ZR NewSnow.

The finishsprays SR are no longer hazardous goods and can also be safely transported in checked-in baggage.


The aeroplane versions only differ from the standard versions through a longer drying time. There is no difference in terms of performance! The drying depends on the temperature and the air movement. As soon as a kind of skin has formed on the surface, it helps to rub the slide again briefly with a cork and then let it go on drying. See the pdf file with further information.

Drying times

If you use a hair dryer to dry the wax layer, the drying time is about 10 to 15 minutes, if you let it dry in a heated room without using a hair dryer, about 2 hours, and if you let it dry in an unheated room you should leave the skis overnight.


The article numbers of the products to be ordered in the aeroplane versions are marked by the prefix F60+.

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