Luge on natural track world cup

From the very beginning, ZIPPS has been a partner to luge athletes and leading luge manufacturers. Our liquid waxes in sponge applicator and spray bottles are ideal for the narrow luge runners. Development in this area was driven forward together, and great successes were not long in coming:

First it was the Batkowski siblings from Austria, who caused an international splash with ZIPPS waxes until they retired from active sport. Then, for many years, it was Patrick Pigneter from South Tyrol (Italy), one of the most successful natural track lugers. And until his retirement in spring 2023, none other than Tyrolean Thomas Kammerlander, overall World Cup winner and world champion, raced on ZIPPS waxes.

ZIPPS also demands: "Natural track luge must become Olympic".


Thomas Kammerlander

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