ZiPPS company

A Specialist with Passion and Conviction

In 2002 Frank Zipp decided to put an end to his frustrating search for an optimal wax. An experienced winter sports enthusiast, he knew exactly what he and his fellow athletes needed and took matters into his own hands. Frank acquired his expert knowledge through his chemistry studies. His drive for success had already been demonstrated as a competitive athlete and middle-distance runner, and he accepted the challenge to specialize in a new area. 

The result was the establishment of ZIPPS Skiwachse. The family-run business is situated in the Westerwald mountains of Hesse, Germany. The company was founded in 2002.  It was converted to a limited liability company in 2005. Frank Zipp is CEO and founder.

And success was very quick to come.

The People at ZIPPS – The ZIPPS Team

The ZIPPS team is directed by Frank Zipp, who is responsible for production and product development. He is supported by Dr. Jürgen Herber, who holds a degree in chemistry and has considerable experience in fluorine chemistry and surface coatings. He is responsible for advance development. 

Research and Development

More than a dozen years of experience in the production of glide waxes have shaped our work. But experience is not enough. We include the expertise of international institutes and academies by awarding research contracts. In doing so, we‘ve been able to acquire knowledge in subjects like

* the nature of snow
* the topography of ski bases and their response to waxes
* abrasion of waxes on snow
* effects of different processing methods on the wax film
* the optimum thickness of the wax film.

We integrate all of these research results into the development of our ZIPPS waxes. Additional research projects are underway.


ZIPPS waxes are made from premium base material in our own laboratories, produced and bottled with the utmost care. The whole process from development to production and labelling is in-house, so we can guarantee consistently high quality and reliability. In response to growing demand, we expanded our labs, storage capacity and production hall in the winter of 2014/15. We are now outfitted to make further developments and meet future challenges. 


When ZIPPS was granted two patents two years ago, this demonstrated our proficiency. Our work is at the cutting edge and our scientific standards are high. Additional patent specifications are still in the clearance process and have already been disclosed. 

Distribution and Product Advice

You can purchase our products from selected retailers as well as our ZIPPS online shop. Most of our importers abroad run their own web-shops and so you will find our products there. No matter how you prefer to shop, we attach importance to competent consultation. As a customer of our online shop you need not do without consultation. Just send an email – and the answer will come promptly. 

ZIPPS International

Our importers in Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia are busy expanding their markets. We’ll certainly be able to expand this list soon.

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