ZiPPS company

Specialist out of passion and conviction

In 2002, Frank Zipp, an enthusiastic winter sportsman, decided to put a long-cherished idea into practice: to produce a fast, durable, easy-to-use liquid wax. He had the expertise due to his studies in chemistry. He had already shown the will to succeed as a competitive athlete and middle-distance runner. He accepted the challenge of specialising in a new field.

The result was the founding of a company: ZIPPS Ski Waxes. The family business is based in the Westerwald region of Hesse. In 2005, the company was converted into a limited liability company. The managing directors are the company founder Frank Zipp and his wife Ruth.
And the first great successes became apparent early on.


The people at ZIPPS

The ZIPPS team is headed by Frank Zipp, who is responsible for the production and further development of the products. He is assisted in the technical area by Dr. Jürgen Herber, a graduate chemist with many years of experience in fluorine chemistry and surface coating and responsible for advance development at ZIPPS, and Dipl.Ing. Chemie-Technik Wolfgang Storbeck, who is an expert in the field of ceramics and binders.


Research and development

More than a dozen years of experience in the production of glide waxes characterise our work. But experience is not enough for us. We are constantly expanding our expertise through research projects and cooperation with universities and colleges. In this way we have been able to gain valuable knowledge about
* the composition of snow
* the topography of ski bases and their reaction to ski waxes
* the effect of different processing methods on the wax film
* the optimum thickness of waxes and their distribution on the surface
* the abrasion behaviour of ski wax on snow by contributing to the development of a tribometer.

We are already working on further research projects in cooperation with renowned institutes.



ZIPPS waxes are produced and filled from high-quality raw materials in our own laboratories with the greatest possible care. A significant expansion of the laboratory as well as the storage and production facilities a good three years ago took into account the increased demand for ZIPPS waxes and is also able to cope with future developments and challenges.

The entire process, from development to production and filling to labelling and shipping, is in our hands. This allows us to control every step and guarantee consistent quality.
Patent protection for ZIPPS products

ZIPPS has been awarded two patents, proving how innovative the company is and the high scientific standard we possess. A further patent specification is currently still in the examination process and has already been disclosed.
Distribution and product advice

You can purchase our products from selected shops in the specialist sports trade as well as from our own ZIPPS online shop. We will be happy to check for you where a ZIPPS partner shop is located near you. Whichever way you prefer, we attach great importance to competent advice and recommend appropriate partners in the specialist trade.
Of course, as a customer of our ZIPPS online shop, you don't have to do without advice either: Simply send us an e-mail - we will be happy to call you back at short notice.
ZIPPS International

In Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland as well as in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia our importers are active for ZIPPS and develop local markets.

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