Our motivation - our standards

Our claim is to produce the best waxes, that are also easily, quickly and clean to apply. And we keep on bringing them to perfection.

Those who enjoy recreational sports or who want to be successful in competitions need reliable equipment and the optimum care for it. This kind of reliability is our top imperative when developing our products. Top athletes and casual skiers alike stand to benefit from our innovative formulas, which are the result of our specialization in liquid wax technology.

We are thrilled to learn that many international top-level teams use ZIPPS waxes in world cup races. It confirms our motivation that ZIPPS products are among the most frequently used waxes in professional winter sports. Because ZIPPS waxes are top and so they are indispensable for high-performance sport.

Our passion for winter sports and for fair play in competitions, our pleasure in motion and speed is behind it all.

High Quality – Optimum Performance

Laboratory tests are not enough. For this reason, competent skiers thoroughly test all of our products before we offer them on the market. No product gets our go-ahead until it has passed a battery of tests under all imaginable conditions.

In the Environment – Protecting the Environment

We‘re committed to the principles of conservation and sustainability. This is reflected in our products and our production: Our spray bottles are free of propellents and our solvents are biodegradable. And we use green energy in production as well as for ourselves.

Outstanding and Affordable Products – For Everyone

We love snow sports and winter sports. This is why we strive to provide easy access for as many fellow enthusiasts as possible. Our portfolio and our prices are geared towards this. For example, our G-Line products offer individual athletes high quality at very reasonable prices.

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