Team ZiPPS - our race team

ZiPPS Racing TeamThe ZIPPS Racing-Team is a group of four ambitious German athletes: Michael Henning, Ulla Hornfeck, Peter Riedl (all: TSV Carlsgrün) and Martin Gillesen (TuWi Adenau). It was formed in spring 2016 in its present personnel make-up. Michael was the one who started the idea of a ZIPPS team some years ago. Michael was familiar with ZIPPS waxes and knew, he could rely on them. His efforts were a success and ZIPPS wax company and a small group of skiers came together. The result: a real "Dreamteam" was born, which we are very proud of and who gained a lot of respect and recognition for their athletic achievements.

Track record Masters World Cup 2017

In the Masters World Cup in Klosters 2017 the team won 4 medals (two gold, one silver, one bronze) and in addition ranked on positions 4,5, 6 and 7 in various races. As only three members of the team started in the races the number of top positions is of even greater value. They competed in CT and FT and in courses of 10, 15, 30 and 45 km.

Here are their results:

Racing Team Ulla Hornfeck
Ulla Hornfeck
Frontwoman of the team
2 gold medals (15km/30km CT)
1 silver medal (10km CT)

Racing Team Peter Riedl
Peter Riedl
Specialized in CT
Ranks 4 (45km ) , 5 (30km),
and 7 (10km)

Racing Team Michael Henning
Michael Henning
"Crew chief";  FT and CT
1 bronze medal (30km CT)
ranks 5 (45km FT) and 6 (10km FT)

Racing Team Martin Gillesen
Martin Gillesen
FT and CT,
could only start in Gsiesertal-Lauf.
Ranks 6 and 11


We are very proud of the ZIPPS team and happy to support them.

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