Ulla Hornfeck *13.09.1983   † 26.2.2019.

Double world champion senior cross-country skiing 2017

Team ZIPPS since 2016

Team ZiPPS - our race team

We are proud of our ZIPPS Race Team

All results of the team in the season of 2022/23 can be downloaded as PDF here.


Michael Henning (born 1985), SC Lanzenhain

Racing Team Michael Henning

Michael is the initiator of the team and has held the role of team manager since it began in 2014. He prefers the free technique.

In the winter of 2022/23 he won 3 times bronze and a 4th place at the Senior World Championships.

He is also the German Senior Champion (age category) over 20km (CT) and runner-up over 10km (FT).

Michael is not only a cross-country skier, but also a passionate cyclist and he roller skis. Following his life principle "all or nothing", he spends a lot of time travelling to competitions and training.

Michael is a trained mechanical engineer.

Peter Riedl (born 1981), TSV Carlsgrün

Racing Team Peter Riedl

Peter prefers the classic technique and very long distances. This is also how he achieved most of his successes, including these outstanding results:

1time gold and 3 times silver at the Senior World Championships!

Further podium finishes were over 60km CL at the Pustertaler Lauf (23rd overall), 40km CL at the König-Ludwig-Lauf (39th overall). His personal highlights were the placements over 30km CL and 90km CL at the Vasa Run as well as the Troll Marathon.

Besides cross-country skiing, Peter Riedl does other sports, he roller skis, MTBs, and road bikes. But you can also find him climbing and cross-country running.

Hanna Riedl (born 1983), (SV Frankenhain)

Racing Team Hanna Noehmeier

Hanna joined the team in May 2019 and her favourite technique is skating. As a Junior Hanna was German biathlon champion and won the silver medal at the 2004 World Junior Championships. After numerous other top placings at European Cups as well as at World Championships, she turned her back on biathlon and became a cross-country skier. She holds several titles as German champion in roller skiing and is a member of the German Ski Marathon Team.

Last season was particularly successful for Hanna, as she became World Champion in 10km skating and in the relay at the 22/23 Senior World Championships, bronze medallist in 15km skating and 30km skating. She was the winner of the Vasaloppet over 45km Classic. And finally she was winner (age category) over 120km at the Troll Marathon (=4th place overall). Hanna also achieved podium finishes at the Pustertaler Lauf over 30km CL (3rd /11th overall), at the König-Ludwig-Lauf over 40km CL (2nd age category) and 40km FT (1st age category), and at the Gsieser-Tal-Lauf (1st age category) last winter.

In addition to cross-country skiing, she does roller skiing, climbing, trail running and canicross with her 4 greyhounds. Hanna has two children.

Heinrich Hau (born 1961), SC Lanzenhain

Racing Team Heinrich Hau

Heinrich returned to the team in July 2019, having been part of the initial line-up in 2015.

He prefers to compete in the classic technique, but also feels very comfortable skating.

Our senior in the team proved his class with the following podium finishes or top placings: German senior runner-up over 20km CL and 4th place over 10km FT, 3rd place at the König-Ludwig-Lauf over 40km CL (age category) as well as 14th place (age category) over 55km CL.

Heinrich is also on roller skis in the summer and competes in numerous competitions.

Philipp Dänner (born 1996), SKG Gersfeld

Racing Team Philipp Dänner

Philipp Dänner has been a member of our team since 2022. The strong cross-country skier in classic style could impress with these successes last winter:

La Diagonela over 55km CL rank 5 (age cat.), König-Ludwig-Lauf over 40km CL rank 18 (age cat.) and rank 9 (age cat.) over 20km FT.

Such performances require training throughout the year. In summer, Philipp trains on his racing bike or mountain bike. And of course he also does trail running

Philipp is a trained industrial mechanic.

New in the team

Marie Meischner (born 2000) SC Norweger Annaberg

Marie Meischner

Marie has joined the team only recently. She comes from the Erzgebirge. There she works as a primary school teacher. She prefers the skating technique. In this technique, she was able to win the German championship title in roller skiing in the junior women in 2019.

Marie originally comes from track and field athletics and can therefore be found at runs of all kinds in the summer. She also enjoys riding her racing bike or mountain bike.

Her sporting successes in recent months are impressive:

7th place at the König-Ludwig-Lauf over 43km CT, 9th place over 21km FT as well as 1st place at the Krušnohorská 30 and 3rd place German Chamionship on roller skis (fell running) CT.

Marie strengthens our team, we are very happy about her participation.

As is often unavoidable in amateur sport, these team members will have to suspend or greatly reduce their participation in competitions next season for personal reasons:

Martin Gillesen (born 1984), TuWi Adenau 

Racing Team Martin Gillessen

Fabian Krämer (born 1999), TuWi Adenau

Racing Team Fabian Krämer

Vitaly Osipov (born 1988), SC Lanzenhain

Racing Team Vitaly Osipov


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