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Set Skin, je eine Flasche G und eine Flasche Fellreiniger Skin C1
Set Skin
Combined package for XC-Skis with felt application and for climbing skins of ski mountaineers. 1 bottle of ZIPPS G (100ml) + 1 bottle of cleaner ZIPPS SkinC1 (100ml) in a practical blister box. ZIPPS G is a wax and waterproof for textile...
€22.00 *
Anti-Icing Spray - 100ml
Anti-Icing Spray - 100ml
You have experienced this: there is snow or ice under your ski, and the dirt of the track. ZIPPS anti-icing spray helps to manage this nuisance. Spray this highly valued product on the base of the ski, wait until it has dried, and enjoy...
Content 0.1 Liter (€130.00 * / 1 Liter)
€13.00 *
150x60x8mm very solid, made from highest quality acrylic glass, CNC-manufactured. Good for all kinds of skis (XC, alpine, snowboards). The round edge may serve as a riller. The blade may be resharpened by running it a few times over fine...
€13.00 *
Mini Cork
Mini Cork
To work in liquid waxes, recessed grip. We recommend it for users of different waxes, as a number of corks can prevent carry-over between waxes, Good for waxing runners of luges and sleds. Very handy and practical,when every gram counts...
€4.50 *
Finish Brush soft with Cork Surface
Finish Brush soft with Cork Surface
Ideal tool "2 in 1" . Cork to work in liquid waxes, brush to remove wax gently from the micro structure of the base. Wooden body (ZIPPS logo) with recessed grip, 120x70mm. Best and most valuable type of nylon.
€17.00 *
Cork with felt
To work in liquid waxes. Natural cork for working the wax onto the base, felt for polishing the wax film. Light and compact, take along anywhere. Recessed grip, 120 x 60mm
€7.00 *
Cork Roller
Cork Roller
100mm Manufactured by: Red Creek To work in liquid waxes. Proven tool with long lasting cork . Use fine sandpaper to clean the cork.
€44.00 *
Finishbrush Nylon, soft
A "must have" for anyone using liquid waxes and/or perfluoro powders. Very fine and soft nylon handbrush, removes wax from the micro structure after liquid waxing or use of powders. Smoothes the wax film, but does not harm it. Best and...
€16.00 *
Handbuerste mit Naturborsten
Handbrush Natural Hair
No electrostatic charge! Ideal for brushing out liquid wax, removes excess wax from base and compacts the wax film . Very good for the second gear, when brushing out hot waxes. Made from the valuable and more stable hair of wild boar,...
€17.00 *
Reinigungsset eingeschweisst
Cleaning Kit
1 wooden handle + 2 fleece pads (1 hard and 1 soft) to clean edges, bases and runners. Excellent treatment for the base after fresh grinding. Wooden body with recessed grip and hook-and-loop-tape for pads, size 120x70mm. Pads: Size 130 x...
€14.00 *
Handbuerste hart
Nylon Brush, stiff
designed specifically for brushing after scraping of hot waxes. Extremely sturdy, but with fine bristles. Removes excess wax from base. Very well suitable for cleaning the base. To protect the bristles from dirt we recommend to use a...
€16.00 *
Rotorbuerste fein, weich
ZIPPS Roto Brush, soft
Nylon brush, 100mm For liquid waxes and to polish the base. Great polishing effect! Exceptionally smooth running qualities through ZIPPS developped arrangement of hair. Made from the currently best nylon. The high degree of fineness of...
€50.00 *
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